We are a boutique family business, established in 2016 in the UAE.

Our mission is to support ambitious organizations to explore and realize their potential in our markets. We are focused on results and we are here to add value in your company’s export and marketing operations in the region.

We aim to become your trusted local partner with an eye for the GCC market!

We have aN Eye FOR:

  • Possibilities beyond the obvious
  • Collaborative approach
  • Long term goals and sustainable results
  • Short term tactics
  • State of the art expertise and experience
  • Trust and Reliability
  • Lean and Cost effective delivery

Whether your organization is already active or looking to activate and expand in the GCC markets, we are here to support you!

Our Approach

aN Eye FOR Results

We are driven by our desire to deliver value creation, so we focus on what drives profitable growth, duration of growth, and excellence in execution.

We fuel this desire by robust situation analysis and strategy formulation geared to drive desired results.

aN Eye FOR Possiblities

We are prepared to go beyond the obvious to spot what is possible and focus on it.

Our approach stays practical and agile to ensure that all actions create and capitalize on possibilities. This frees our positive energy to replicate, refine, or redefine successful models.

aN Eye FOR Partnerships

We see ourselves as an extension of you in this region.

We connect to you and with you in partnership to create enduring success. We do the same in our collaboration with your current and future partners in this region.

Find out more about us becoming aN Eye For your business in the GCC