Our Markets

We have aN Eye For possibilities in the most prominent markets of the GCC region; Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait.

We have aN Eye For results in our area; working closely with you we can help you articulate the business and marketing strategy for your company and brands, as well as become the local actor ensuring your strategy translates in flawless operational execution!

United Arab Emirates

Our own home market, the United Arab Emirates, is one of the largest, most open and fastest-growing economies in the MENA, second to the Saudi Arabia.

UAE business-friendly economy ranks 21st in the World Bank’s Doing Business Index, while its strategic location and state of the art infrastructure qualify it as the largest logistics hub in the MENA region and the ideal hub to access major regional markets including the MENA and South East Asia.

GCC Markets

Beyond the UAE, the GCC markets offer prime opportunities of interest for global reach aspiring companies.

GCC are young countries with very modern infrastructure, heavy dependency on imports of raw material staples, packs, and services. They all are developing initiatives to drive less dependency from oil, in tourism, finance and food security sectors.

Social, political and economic factors shape a landscape of varying opportunities for entry into the GCC markets. However, they all require careful scrutiny and individualized approach and focusing on the right strategy but most importantly its operational execution.

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